Songs That Spur You On!

I’ve been listening to “Just The Girl” by Click Five since yesterday morning. It’s really nice! It’s like, the song makes you so happy and energetic for the whole day! Good morning! It’s a Friday! And I think tomorrow I need to work. Damn.

I’m listening to another song by Click Five – Catch Your Wave. Sigh… so nice if I’m like… in a holiday now. But, looking at my schedule, I don’t think I’ve got time to go for holiday. *sulk* And… uncle BY just asked me to “blow” at Joe again. I have no idea what’s the rush. What’s the point of asking them to agree to it when after that, they kept changing and changing, and changing? Hmm… NN is online, maybe ask her what’s her opinion of what I mentioned to her yesterday. I don’t wish to wait.

Yeah! I finally kissed my Darling! He kept “running around” to play hard to get but finally he pretends to be tired and stay still! Woohoo! So happy! ^^

Oh… I’m having that kind of mood swings again. How? It sure doesn’t feel good. I’ve got no mood to continue my work again. Yes, again. How? The weather is so cold, don’t think I can go and buy anything either. COSMED? Sigh… waste of money if I go and buy cosmetics…

I’m sitting in front of my notebook (as usual) and I wonder… is it really that good to be living alone, OVERSEAS? NO! My answer is a NO NO NO… Hey, I’m alone now, in an apartment, ALLLLLL alone. And I’m overseas. And it’s a Friday. And it’s FREAKING COLD outside. And I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I CAN DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Faintz* And the worse thing is, your boyfriend is schooling, most of your gfs are like… outside? Sigh… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

You know… sometimes when you are extremely bored, and really felt like you are going crazy, the next best thing to do is to go brush your teeth, turn off the lights, appear offline for all your messaging and then sleep. Zhu Zhu? Well… he hadn’t replied anything since afternoon, what makes you think that he misses you? Sometimes I really wonder if he’s trying to save money (which is free), or he’s really that busy to not have the time to send ONE sms, or he just don’t really think of me that much… (sad)

Hmm… that was fast… He called me a minute later, while I’m brushing my teeth. Damn… I love him too much.

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