Face, Hands & Legs Numbed

It’s… freezing… cold… And what’s worse… my menses is here… I have to bathe… in the water which doesn’t heat up…

I just fell asleep right on my desk. Too sleepy from the meal just now with NL and Uncle CW. And after I woke up, it seems freezing and NL just passed me a packet of… I have no idea what, which is supposed to heat up, no, warm up a person. No, I should say, it gives out heat. It’s quite useful though, for this… cold weather… *YAWN* I’m wondering if I can go back, and work from home.

While having lunch today, Uncle CW mentioned that Gemini has 2 characters. And now, this gave me an idea. All along, I always have no idea how I want to dress myself up because I like the way I look when I’m called “Cute”, but at the same time, I do hope that I look a BIT more WILD & SEXY. And then at the same time, there was this article http://www.wikihow.com/Start-a-Clothing-Line… Hmm… Maybe… Just maybe… I could do that… “Sweet / Loud”? Sounds nice? It’s “S.L.” by the way, if you haven’t realised. And that’s… my initials. ^^

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