Calm Down… Please…

Alright… I get tensed up when I don’t hear from Zhu Zhu. But I supposed he’s just busy with work, right? Take a deep breath and relax… it’s not very healthy to be feeling and thinking this way. I think recently I’m a little tense. I can feel it because I crunched my teeth to sleep and even when I’m doing things at times. It’s not healthy… I need help.

9 more days to hugging my Darling. This morning, he never replied because he was in a briefing. Sigh… recently he gets so busy while I get so tensed up. How? I’m really trying to cope with it myself. Maybe I should really just throw myself into my work? I think he will be happier… Really wonder if he still loves me that much… Guys… they are all the same. Then why do I still bother about them?

I don’t feel good…

Okay, breathing goes back to normal… *Phew* I hate that. And I can’t control it. And now my face feels so hot. And it’s RED! I just went to the toilet and saw it..

Just replied IC’s email on the training. She never mentioned much… Just asked me if I can move the training to an earlier date and saying that it’s the first main thing for the new staffs. But… for how many people? 1 new staff? Crazy. I’m not that easily pushed, for goodness sake. If because of less than 6 staffs and you expect me to change my flight, it’s not really possible. Plus some more, there are other things to train other than domain training. Sigh… I wonder if she knows anything. TMD. Still cc WT some more, like I’m scare… *I BLEH YOU*

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