It’s All About SHIT

Guess what? I’m shitting in the toilet now with my notebook on my lap! *LOL* Disgusting? Well… must always try something new right? Anyway, it seems quite a good idea to have the notebook in the toilet with you while you are shitting. Saves time? Maybe in the future, should have a portable table in the toilet (when needed). Friday already! Today will sent out the CM-418 questions for J, then prepare the SOW for it and the training materials for next Monday. At least for DOM-0100 and DOM-0200.

OMG! Oh grosss… Ijust went to the toilet. 1st cubicle (squat one) got 1 piece of shit at the side. Then I open the 2nd one (sit one), and inside the toilet bowl, it’s ALLLLLLL SHITS!!!!! Oh gosh… I don’t intend to talk about shit for today.

Just now went to have lunch at the place where we always had coffee. Hmm… I think I really need to stop taking all those syrups. It’s giving me lots of pimples before I realised it! Now it’s 5.17pm. I finished most of my work. Probably will try and print out the training slides later. Hmm… Wonder if we are able to go to Feng Jia Night Market tonight…

Okay… it’s 7.54pm already and I’m STILL in the office. Why? Because I’m waiting for Uncle BY to finish. By right, we are going to the night market, but by left, don’t think we got the time. And now I don’t feel like eating already. It’s already 8pm lor… almost.

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