All Packed

Good morning! It’s a rather bright sunny Sunday and the time is 10.25am. And I’m sitting in front of my notebook again, talking to NN and eating my cereal at the same time. An hour later, probably I’ll go and bathe and then get ready for today! So what’s the plan today? Had intended to go shopping but not sure if Uncle BY is available. Anyway, Zhu Zhu will be out most of the day today, so I’ve got to find something to keep me occupied! Mental health? Hmm… still feel very tensed up the moment I woke up. I think I’ve got too many things in my head, so it’s a little stressful still. Planned to go back to SG and have a good rest cum workout. Probably might go cycling! I think I desperately need to go and exercise.

Went to buy some more egg rolls just now and got a box back too. Was really terrible because both my hands were occupied, and my pants were dropping. Terrible. And then after that, I opened all the egg rolls (the box) and put inside the carton. Managed to put in (13 x 4) + 1 packet. ^^ Steady right? Anyway, now Zhu Zhu in KTV. He’s very cute, sms on and off. But… I’m really thankful for that because it really helped me a lot. At least now, I can feel, I’m still quite happy. The time is 7.42pm, I’m still waiting for Uncle BY. See if he can finish by 8.30pm then maybe we can pop down to Xing Guang San Yue. The air here is terrible. Uncle BY smoked in the living room. Okay, I think I’m going back into the room. Rather tired today.

Suddenly I feel like taking photos. Photos that’s similar to movie poster. Example, for Pretty Woman, we have Julia Roberts behind Richard Gere and pulling his tie. Hmm… Maybe I could take photos of something like this with Zhu Zhu? And make it into an album? Hmm… I think that will be nice!

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