My First Training

I just finished my first training, as a trainer. It seems quite fun but I think I’ll need to brush up quite a bit on the explanation. Anyway, it seems a little fun. The time is 3.30pm, the “students” are all doing the test now. I hope they really understand what I taught, else it will be wasted. Though I think it’s a little dry on the calculations part. Oh well… they are the ones who will take over this company? Me? I’m just passing my knowledge to them. And that IC… sigh… never change! Oops, did I use exclaimation mark?

Somehow, I pity those people under IC. Why? I find that she’s a bit heartless, not welfare, probably not a little. Or should I say, she will look at people to decide what she do, or how she talks. Today, there’s a new girl (married), and… she requested to take off for tomorrow because of some issues. I mean, seriously, since there won’t be any training tomorrow, so by right, it seems okay right? But she rejected because she said she needed them to read some documents. Sigh… It’s not as if ALL of them will be there. Anyway, none of my business. *zip*

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