Strained Eyes, Tightened Muscles

It’s 10.07am and I just switched on my notebook. But the moment I did that, my eyes felt strainful, then the muscles in my head started to tighten. I think I really need a break.

The email is out. The email to announce that PHP office will be closed. BL just messaged me. Sigh… What can I say… I felt sorry for her. I just hope that, they will get her to come here eventually (in a way). I mean, ultimately, I still don’t really know her right? Sigh… And heard from mum that KL wasn’t doing good. She took all her dad’s money. And then… I don’t know… Sigh… And there’s still her car…

I went for dinner with the 2 new staffs – FX and JS. Well, they were quite friendly, which is not too bad. Hopefully all the rest are also like that.

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