We Are “Lesser Mortals”

C’ya… That’s the word that we so often used it but we never know (or at least some of us didn’t know) that it have another meaning to it – Cover Your Ass. And I only got to learn it yesterday. Why do I suddenly bring it up? Well, of course things happened. IC… yes, it’s her again. I don’t understand why is it always her but well… sigh… she just simply love to ‘CYA’, so in short, whatever that we talk to her, we MUST send an email, just to ‘COOA’ too! *LOL*

Today is the second day of our training. Hopefully it’s as fun as the previous. My knowledge? Hmm… Actually it’s quite limited too, especially on everything else other than agency model. But oh well… 2 more days… and at 6pm, I can CHECKED IN!! Woohoo! ^^

Training ended. Now it’s lunch time. Everyone went out, left me alone. What should I eat? I’m rather sick of the food here, seriously. Can’t wait to go back home and eat my… ba chor mee, zhui kueh, fried kway tiao and many more! 5 more hours!

NN just sent me a link on TYS. Well, my comments? Honestly, I don’t really care where the hell you went for your holiday. Before I read the article that he wrote, I was still somewhat okay with it and was wondering how come people are reacting so greatly to people holiday-ing, and spending that much money even during recession. I mean, after all, fine, if you have the money, then go ahead. But after reading that article he wrote, I knew the reason why. Although he never specifically emphasize it, but there are sentences that he wrote, which will somewhat triggered the thoughts of some of us, the “lesser mortals” of SG. First, you will think, why did he want to publicise the article on Straits Times. I mean, it seems like an entry of a blog to me. Why not just write in his “Dear Diary…” or create a blog with an anonymous name? After all, you are somewhat a public figure. Then after that, you will think… is it that easy to take 5 weeks off? Or is it just that there isn’t much to do at the top? Because from my understanding, I’ve seen my company’s CEO and CTO, who are always on the phone, even if they are on holiday, which… hardly occurs. Good leader? Sure? 5 weeks… it’s not 5 days… and how many annual leave were they given a year? O.O? Hmm… and then as you read… he mentioned that his son was going to study in the Brown University or whatever. Tell us for what? I came from NTU. I like my local university. I’m proud to be from there. Duh. Sigh… he should have just shut up, and enjoyed his holiday. And same goes to CC, who should not have used the words “lesser mortals”. It hurts, somehow… like I’m not THAT human… =.=”’ Why am I in a country that is led by all the elites who doesn’t really think before they say? So what now? I am “lesser mortals” and I earn money. The “greater mortals” earn “peanuts”.

I just went to do my first nail art! Very nice! Cost like NT$450. Not very cheap but cheaper than in SG. And the way they did it, it’s like so fast and easy! Inspired and further strengthened my idea of learning nail art. A small shop with selling of clothes and accessories, and then a corner with manicure services and cafe! Nice! But I realised one thing. I have to be very careful especially when typing because I think I’m a little bit rough. Oh… hope I don’t damage it before CNY…

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