“If you’re happy and you know, you clap your hand…” I’m in the office, feeling rather happy. Hmm… what should I do today?? Oh no! I’ve got no mood! But I suppose I need to try and do the Promotion thing. ^^

Last day in Taichung office… Totally no mood to work. I wonder what time will Uncle BY comes in. Hmm… Alone in the office again, lazy to go to the toilet. What should I eat now? Not really hungry actually. Should I go back and pack some of the things? Hmm… I still got one cake and half a bottle of orange juice. Assuming if Uncle BY reaches the airport now… he won’t reach until like 2 hours later, right?

Why? I don’t know… just suddenly thought of 2 person, whom I can’t seem to forget. Don’t know why… Weird feeling. ^^ I’m weird.

It’s 4.27pm. 2 more hours and… it’s over. WT just help a meeting. The good news is, we will still get our bonus. The bad? It might not be a lot. Well… at least we won’t have any deduction in our salary? The TW colleagues… they seemed so not affected. What can I say… ET deleted RN? Oops… Wrong topic.

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