7 More Hours

The lady cleaner is helping to pack up all the things now. I need to remember to label all the things, like the boxes, pillows and blankets. In case when I go up to TP, all those are taken by don’t-know-who and that’s it!

Damn. My red luggage is so bloody damn heavy… and I’ve got so many things to carry! Hand pain pain already…

T2? O.O”’ I thought it should be T3? Oops… Hope my sister will check…

Yeah! I’m back! And my sister and her friend came to fetch me. Luckily she DID check where the plane will land. *Phew* And I think later I better locked up my red luggage so that my mum will not see the things inside. Hmm… Oh no… where can I put all these things?

It’s really so nice to be back home. I bought handkerchiefs for sister and DW. And then a whole box of egg rolls. Mainly it’s these 2. And also the facial masks for mum and Zhu Zhu. *HAPPY*

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