My New CANON Camera

Oh, I’m really so tired but I REALLY need to buy a new camera too, for CNY. Sis sent me and SS to Funan. And then after looking at the different types of cameras, eventually, I still gotten Canon IXUS 80 IS. Somehow… I still felt that Canon camera seems a little bit more reliable (it’s made in Japan). Camel colour, cost me $319 in cash. And… I LOVE IT!!

We had lunch at the Qi Ji and the nasi lemak was SOOOOOO delicious. Sigh… I think it will be difficult for me to diet while I’m in SG.

OG Sales again! Will be difficult for me to go on sale next year, considering the fact that most of the time I had to be in TW. And I still need to count the days. I bought about 7 pieces of tops and dresses.

Been really busy. Haven’t rest enough and then I’m out to meet Zhu Zhu and the rest of the gang for movie. We had dinner at Kenny Rogers @ Marina Square and watched Inkheart which wasn’t too bad. By the end of the movie, they called Leon up and met him at the HK Restaurant along East Coast Road. And then the stupid Leon started boasting that the proposal ring he got cost like $8,000+ which WZ was so stunned and asked him, “I thought it’s $6,000 plus?”. And honestly, from the look of it. It’s big, but it’s yellowish… Hmm… I wonder if it really cost $6,000? But using installments to pay back a proposal ring doesn’t seem that good, isn’t it? But well, just a thought.

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