Eve Dinner – “Bull” Pose

Managed to slept at 4am. I think my dark circles around the eyes are out.

Yeah! I finally had my post-lunch celebration for my anniversary. Was complaining to Zhu Zhu that he never treat me to any lunch / dinner, so in the end we went to Jack’s Place at AMK, with my sister and her friend, well, they just want to tag along. ^^ And then after that, we went shopping at the shopping mall for a short while and passed by SK. Guess what? The ring that Leon bought… seems so expensive! There’s one which is slightly smaller but whiter, cost only $5,000+++. Really makes us wonder if he got “tok” or he’s just plain boastful… -.-”’

Zhu Zhu went back for dinner already. I miss him… Hmm… Oh well, timing wasn’t right…

So fun! I went around taking the photos of all of them, with the pose of a bull! Going to make it into a montage! Tomorrow is CHINESE NEW YEAR!

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