Never have I felt so offended and reacted so much before, at least not in front of colleagues. But today, I was really pissed. And I already controlled. If not, I would have scolded him right in front of his face. What happened? A whole group of us went for lunch and when we came back, they popped into the Family Mart. I was at the magazine corner with HY and then I saw a FHM magazine and pulled out to read the cover, which is of a nude girl with her arms covered around her boobs. But don’t know from where, the BN came over and said “I prefer this (starring at MY boobs) than this”. I was SO SHOCK at that moment and I thought I saw and heard wrongly, so I just replied with a “HUH”, and guess what? He repeated the SAME ACTION and sentence again. F***! Ask him to F himself! I never replied him and walked away. And then after that I was so damn pissed, I told Uncle BY and asked him to talk to that F***er! Never in my whole life have I felt so offended! I can sue him for sexual harassment! Spoiled my whole V-day!

There’s nothing much to eat if it’s too late… I hate it when we have to wait and wait… Me and AR wanted to leave at about 7pm+. But in the end, we only had dinner at about 9.30pm. Why? Because A wanted to wait for B, B wanted to wait for C, and C wanted to wait for D & E. And then in the end, A, B, C, D & E asked us to go ahead… -.-”’ wth…

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