My Off Day

I’m now in office again. Ever since I went back to SG the last time, I’m so lazy to write in my blog. Hmm… Anyway, today is my OFF DAY. I repeat again, my OFF DAY. And now I’m in the office because Uncle BY asked me to, saying that the HR wanted to talk to us about the contract. Well, I’m here BUT WHERE IS SHE? -.-”’ Luckily I’m prepared and brought my notebook along. Somehow, I expected this. They are ALWAYS like that. Anyway, I just saw a rainbow from my seat like 15 minutes ago. It was really big and nice, and NEAR! But we managed to see a part of it only because most of it were blocked by the buildings. Sigh… I wonder what time I need to wait until. I want to go back and play WoW! Still level 7 only. And just now, I went to the wrong direction and got killed by some short guy -.-”’ Later… I’ll go and buy some snacks first before I go back to the apartment. Don’t know why but a little hungry… Quick! Quick! Pille is waiting for me!

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