On & Off Updates

Okay, I’d decided to have on & off updates instead of daily updates because… seems like most of the time for daily updates, I tend to complain a lot. But sometimes, it ain’t that serious, I’m just “over-doing” it.

Well… let’s see what happened for the past few months:
(1) I don’t think there’s much problems between me and my beloved Zhu Zhu. The main thing is probably me being TOO OVER-LY paranoid. I guess it’s because of the long distance, plus him going out with new friends (including a bimbo which I just don’t like), plus be being too bored (I just don’t have mood to go out without him), plus the stupid work. And I guess, he’s not the really sensitive kind, thus in a way, we always ended up arguing. But honestly and seriously, I truly believed that we love each other a lot still, and that we want to be together… at least, I know… I WANT to be with him for the rest of my life.

(2) I tendered. Finally. On the 30 June 2009, Tuesday. It’s been a really long while since I had wanted to leave this company. But because of reasons, like… I can’t bear to, I don’t really know what to do, and ya-da ya-da, I haven’t manage to leave. But well, I guess, it’s a rather good decision. I need a new environment. Just that… I do feel a little sad to leave those good colleagues of mine. But seriously, I felt so much happier ever since I tendered. It’s like… the world has become so much brighter. Probably it’s because I saw the end – going back to Singapore forever – soon. Of course, this will not be brighter than having my Zhu Zhu beside me. ^^

(3) 1K got “demoted” in a way. Well, I had a long talk with H2O. I told him everything. Guess he talked to a few others also, and somehow, people ain’t happy. Of course it’s not just her. There’s problem with Gel too. And because of some incidents where 1K take things for granted, H2O was so pissed because of that. Heard that Gel tendered too. If I were him, I would have, too. Looking at the way things goes.

(4) Babies are fighting to come out!! We’ve got one from Waik and another from Drick. And her name was a little cute – Lily Lee Li Li -.-”’

(5) And we’ve got some sad news. Heard that SL splitted but somehow is with Jenny Ang now. And then there’s our poor CC. Sigh… She splitted with HD. Not sure of what issues, but from what I heard, it seems to be HD’s parents fault. I don’t understand why some parents are like that! Aren’t they supposed to support the kids and not try to split them up? Sigh…

(6) Anyway, Boon got a gf, named XF. Heard that she’s about my height. Slightly a bit more plumb, but is a nice person. Too bad… I asked him already. He said the feeling is gone. If you know what I’m trying to say. And then heard from him that YT got a gf already. Good for him, but I still hope that I don’t see him again. Somehow… I still felt it’s my fault. Okay, never mind, next.

(7) I got a new job. No, I didn’t do much things. All I did is updated my resume in Monster, and then on my birthday, the agent called me and informed that he will recommend me to a job, so I’m like, okay. Then next week, I went for interview in the morning and in the late morning, I’m being offered. Hmm… YOG, 1 yr contract as Associate Consultant. Why not? I’ll be starting work on the 1 September 2009. Ending the current one… at end of August, not sure about the exact date yet.

(8) There’s a new PM, called Ming. Sigh. Talk so softly and slowly until I almost wanted to strangle him. I can’t stand people who do that! But well, all I can do is try and train him up to take over me ASAP.

(9) Jordan is coming back! Just got the news from Christine. Of course, in between a lot more left, like Nina, Bird etc. etc. Sigh… it’s okay…

(10) I took some make-over photos! Gosh, it’s so much better than those in SG. But it is indeed an experience. I just hope that my braces can be taken down soon, then maybe I will consider taking it again?

(11) LL is going back to SG!! Yippee! We can be together again!

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