Settled Down

No, no and no. I definitely don’t meant I’m married. I am still single, though not available. Attached but rather happily not married yet. I’m going to be 30 this year but when it comes to marriage, (again) I have some resistance. Yes, yes, yes. it’s contradicting. I felt like getting married but yet I don’t feel like getting married. Alright, just stop asking me to think of the future and imagine it. I WILL freak out. Well, so how’s life after being back for 5 months from Taiwan?

(1) I’m in SYOGOC – Singapore Youth Olympics Games Organising Committee. Contracted under Recruit Express by IDA. Signed as an Associate Consultant, name card stated as Consultant, but actual title/work is Venue Results Manager (Bishan) for Athletics. How’s the job? For the past months, it’s been rather terrible. The work is not the usual kind of project management. It’s more of event management, organising an event in a rather large scale. And me? I’m doing a small little part on the timing, scoring & results. I still don’t really understand the whole flow of it and what I really need to do. Days were slow, work were boring, people were… *cough* At least I’ve got my “cult” over there – KM, CS, KB, DK, JT, DC, DL, LL, CH, YW, IV. They did help to make my life a lot easier to live with. Of course, there’s my VTM who has got the same initials “LTM” as me -.-”’ He’s not too bad, other than sometimes I find him a bit too naggy. He’s smart, can foresee a lot of things. Passion? i don’t really have it. But somehow I have a feeling that I’m going to start enjoying it soon. 14-26 August 2010. Stay tune for more updates on SHIOK!

(2) Recalling back… The last day of me leaving Taiwan was bad. They accompanied me to the KTV, sang till 4am. I almost wanted to cry but I held it back, until the end of it, when Uncle BY gave me a hug. I couldn’t help it. I went home, got my things and I’m off, back to SG. Uncle BY and YB had been very supportive all this while, especially Uncle BY. And of course my dear SG and TW colleagues. Oh well… who knows what will happen but I’m definitely not going overseas to work for long-term. And yes, IC quit and came back. HY is back. QY, BY and LA will be there for quite a while. Bk quit. CN came back. So confusing.

(3) I took the makeover photos in Taiwan! With QY! And it’s so nice!! Hmm… I never post any photos in this blog before right? Okay… Just ONE photo here then… Pretty right? I really like this photo! Sigh… too bad I’m not that tall. But oh well, as long as I love myself! ^^

(4) MY BRACES ARE OFF! Woohoo! It felt really great although the last few weeks was a little more painful and terrible than the usual. Now I’m just wearing retainers. Felt like going back to TW to take these photos. *LOL*

(5) Me and Zhu Zhu? Things got a lot better after I came back. I’m practically staying at his place now, since it’s nearer to my new work place. Going back only during the weekends. But come this May, I should be going back to Hougang since I’ll be going to my venue at Bishan Stadium more often.

(6) I’m learning French, oui, francais. But I suck at it. I gave up my Japanese Language because it was too confusing to learn two totally different languages at the same time. No. I didn’t learn it on my own. It’s compulsory under SHIOK in TEC. Je ne sais pas et je ne comprend pas pourquoi!

(7) I FINALLY TOOK THe INTERIOR DESIGN COURSE IN NAFA!!! The first 10 weeks will be ending soon. It’s quite fun. Taught us how to draw perspective drawing and use Autocad. I’m quite good, really ^^ But what am I going to do after that? Change industry? Hmm…

(8) LL came back from Holland but heard recently, there’s some problems between her and Ino. Sigh… Long distance relationship… MC finally got married. SY is pregnant, giving birth somewhere in June. JY and MH (with their own partners), will be getting married this year.

(9) I bought a Wii! *LOL* But seldom play it because it’s so troublesome to bring out and set it up. LC bought it too but recently I realised that Zhu had not been able to take LC’s rubbish. Probably a bit too much? Yes, sometimes it’s really a bit too much. But it’s rather nice to go holiday with LC and IL. We went to BKK in Jan and it was fun! I did control myself from buying things *Proud of myself*

(10) My family is still the same. Hope it stays that way ^^

And now I’m going to plan for something BIG…

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