Bridal Studio – Cangai

Oh yes, I know I know… We did try but… the package is really too tempting!! Went to BOWS today, a wedding fair. Initially, the idea was just to look around and ensure that we don’t sign any packages. But on our way there, a guy passed a slip of paper which says “free gift from booth D7”. So well, you know… we walked and rejected and when we reached booth D7, we talked a little bit more and tada! They somehow persuaded us (mainly Zhu Zhu) to sit down. He thought that it won’t be nice to just take the free gift… And yes… we signed the package. The lady was nice and she threw in quite a bit of things for us (we gave her the benefit of the doubt that she’s acting). Details:

Wedding Package from Cangai (Based in Taiwan, in Singapore for 1 year): $3688/-

For actual day:

  • 1 wedding gown, 1 evening gown, 1 kwa/cocktail dress (bride)
  • 1 suit (groom)
  • Flower decorations for the bridal car (to be sent to their shop a day before around evening)

For photoshoot (at KHH in Taiwan):

  • 2 wedding gowns, 2 evening gowns (bride)
  • 2 suits (groom)
  • Can have both indoor and outdoor photography (one whole day)
  • Tag along make-up artist for whole day (she gave us free, otherwise it cost $300)
  • 12″ photo album
  • 40 photos, selected ones will be in a CD (additional soft copy @ $30 each)
  • 30″ photo with frame
  • Additional of $180 for the transport fees in KHH
  • Will need to buy and plan for air tickets and hotels

Not sure if its really that good but so far so good and I love it! – the idea of taking wedding photographs in the greens! ^^ And we most likely will be going this year around October, after my YOG! Woohoo!

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