Stupid Sales Person From M Hotel

Too bad! He sucks at sales. We deliberately made a trip down to BOWS again to check out the rates for M Hotel. Actually we were quite planned and decided to just settle for M Hotel so that we don’t have to go and look around. But that sales person did so many mistakes. (1) We approached him and asked and he let us stood for such a long time (at least 5 minutes) before inviting us in to have a seat (2) He didn’t say anything to Zhu Zhu for at least 10 minutes during the time when I’m on the phone with my mum. But the people from Cangai never let us have a “silent” time throughout that 3 hours session! (3) The way he promoted the hotel, it doesn’t sound like he’s interested in doing our business. (4) He sucks and sucks at sales. I think he should change a job.

Of course! We never signed the package although we DO have the intention because we both were lazy. Gave us now a chance to look at some other hotels. Probably we’ll find a better deal. -.-”’

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