Who To Calculate Ba Zhi?

Did quite a lot of things today. Now it’s already 5pm and its the first time I managed to get some rest/break. Rushed in this morning and realised that the meeting had been cancelled and postponed to tomorrow 9am (urgh). Then after that did my french homework and then it’s time for meeting at 10.15am. Right after this, I went for a quick lunch at the malay store. Damn IV… He said “Ah! Extra flavouring” and next, he threw one yellow caterpillar on the table, right in front of me. What’s my reaction? As usual… I saw, captured it as A CATERPILLAR, and I got out of my seat, away from it and told him to threw it away. *LOL* Erm, yes, over-reacting to others but I CAN’T HELP IT! You know how and what a small harmless caterpillar can do to me! Anyway, french class was a long 2-hours and after that, I started doing discussing the things to be done during Games Time with TM. And then finally, here’s something that I found:

– There’s not much flight from SG to KHH (according to SC, I called her). Probably only international flights like China Airlines and SQ. But it’s so freaking expensive, so probably a better way would be to take it to TPE instead. Jetstar? Erm… let me consider…
– To calculate Ba Zhi, according to my colleague (AF) and Lilian, can probably go and look for Master Tong (found in Singapore Brides). Charges at either $128 or $100 for slightly different services. The details, I think I will go through it with Zhu Zhu tonight.
– Merchant Court never picked up my call and Park Hotel’s number was a fax machine -.-”’

That’s about it. Going home for dinner tonight and I really need to finish up my homework. *Yawn* Brain dead already.

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