Guys… Gals… BGRs… Couples… Ex’s… Why are relationships getting more and more complex? I thought back on those olden days. Where man married woman without even seeing them before. But then, the marriage still lasted for so long. The marriage nowadays? I don’t know. Relationships? I don’t know. I heard of so many couples, the man or the woman, straying. Having 3rd parties. Just don’t have the feeling anymore. Guys and gals hugging and kissing the opposite sex just because they are lonely, and probably even if they are married. No reasons. One night stand. No reasons. No love. Just to satisfy the desire. What is the world coming to?… I couldn’t answer on that, whether the man is the jerk and that the woman is the slut. I have no idea what is happening.

He cares but yet he doesn’t seem to care… It’s normal. No ill intentions. Just a hug.

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