I’m Crying

What have I done wrong? I got a call, and then the person on the other end just started yelling at me. He’s pissed. Pissed because he couldn’t change anything. Pissed because I was the one who helped him change that. Pissed because I didn’t volunteer to do it for him initially. These are my faults. Is it really?…

My heart is already crying. I just don’t wished to cry it out loud. Why? Why can’t you even let me have a place to stay? A place that I really want to stay? Why is it that when everything is so nice, and that I made up my mind to just stay, and then you have to mess it up? Is it that difficult? Why can’t you just control that temper? WHY?!!!!!!

I’m staring far away, at the sun… I can see it but I can’t reach it. I could never reach it… *cry*

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