Alright, there’s definitely no high class restaurant today! It’s just a normal ordinary Monday with a normal lunch at the foodcourt located at Basement 2 of Northpoint @ Yishun. BUT… it tasted quite nice!

Made a trip down to Northpoint for the library during lunch time, but went for lunch before that with my fellow colleagues. So one of them suggested to have lunch at the foodcourt and recommended the Western Delight a.k.a. western food. Well, since I don’t have anything in particular that I want to eat, so I decided to try. First impression – nothing special in particular, just a stall in a foodcourt.

But when the food came, firstly, it smells really nice. Secondly, the portion isn’t that small. I ordered a chicken chop, which comes with french fries, salad, baked beans and coleslaw! Cost me only $6.00. Alright, it’s not exactly THAT cheap but comparatively to a lot of other western food at foodcourts or coffeeshops, this one is definitely worth it.

You definitely won’t miss this stall if you came in from the main door as it’s right beside it, and the main door leads all the way to the Yishun MRT (underground tunnel), and thus it sure is accessible! And there definitely is a queue for it, which probably means that a lot of people, too, find it either nice or worth it.

The only negative thing is… you’ll smell like food after you finished your meal. But otherwise… THUMBS UP!

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