Blog #0042

Just watched a video clip on Yahoo, on the Japan tsunami that happened a few weeks ago. Scary. Can’t imagine if I’m there and running for my life, or that I actually saw the waves coming straight at me. Saddening. For the one that shot this, and those around him. Screaming and cryings were heard at the background of the video as the waves moved rapidly towards them. Can’t exactly see the waves, just dust and then some explosions (or fire) seen. Then after that houses were seen drifting away… and people running for their lives (those that are near to the high ground). It does, really, and sadly… looks like those scenes you watched in a movie, except these are all real…

People dead. Everything gone. To suddenly lost almost everything. Comparing these to anything that I had gone through, probably mine are nothing. Probably yours are nothing too.

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