Blog #0043

As I sat, staring blankly into the air, I couldn’t help but smiled to myself after recalling all the things that happened today – the morning SMS(es) that simply brightened up my whole day, the stoning at work + doing up some of my stuffs, the nice feeling of having all the “arrows” shot out and waiting for them to come back, drenched because of the heavy rain, the lunch with my favourite Secondary School Mathematics Teacher + all his naggings on asking me to look for a boyfriend and get married soon, the chats between friends and colleagues, and the dinner with my ex-colleagues with ONE GOOD NEWS. Today, is a wonderful day. Actually everyday is, as long as all those whom I cared and loved are still around, physically and literally still around.

Let’s pray that everyday will be so wonderful… and it will be, as long as I believe that it will be. Goodnight to all…

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