Blog #0044

Number 44 (“die die”). Right… today must be a really bad day. Life is really so unpredictable! Yesterday everything was still going fine but today, everything is except for my website(s). *CRY*

I was editing and updating things on one of my website when suddenly *POOF*, everything that I installed was gone and so is my design! And it’s not the first time! I tried talking to the support of the web hosting company and that lady almost made me puke blood. I told her that I never change anything (for one of the website), and she still kept on telling me to ensure that what I changed is correct. Am I speaking a foreign language over here?

And then I’ve got my work. No response from either side. Chased and waited, and continued to wait. I wondered when will they ever give me what I want.

How am I supposed to enjoy my long weekend like that?!

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