Food – Japanese Foodcourt @ Yishun Northpoint

No matter how pissed one is, I guess one still have to eat. Yes, indeed, and probably having some good food will lift up one’s mood and spirit?

It’s time for lunch, and my team mate and I had wanted to lunch at somewhere nearby. But as we waited to cross the road, it started to rain. We didn’t have any umbrellas with us, and it would be quite stupid to go back and take, so we decided to take the bus to Northpoint, since there’s shelter all the way to the bus stop. That’s how we ended up there. And just for your information, the rain stopped once we boarded the bus (not a good day).

Oh well, anyway, he brought me to this Japanese foodcourt that was located at level 3 of Northpoint, the newer extended wing, just below the Yishun Library. In this foodcourt, there’s about 5-6 stalls, all Japanese food (of course). There’s ramen, bento, omelette rice etc. Price range is about the price of normal foodcourt.

I ate the teriyaki salmon bento set, which cost S$7.50. Tasted not too bad. Probably it’s because it’s located rather high and there’s only Japanese food here, thus¬†there wasn’t really a large crowd like the normal foodcourt. So if you want to have some Japanese food, you might as well just come here instead.

So is my mood slightly better after eating this? You bet!

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