Food – Watami @ Raffles City

Just went for my facial at Stamford Court and met an ex-colleague who happened to go for facial too. So in the end, we decided to go for dinner together after the facial. Didn’t really know what to eat, so we ended up at Watami, located at the basement of Raffles City.

Yes, 3 meals of Japanese food consecutively – yesterday’s dinner, today’s lunch and dinner. Am I sick of it? Hmm… doesn’t seem like it. Luckily, it’s all slightly different anyway. I had sushi yesterday, teriyaki salmon bento in the afternoon and now, I ordered the chicken and SAKE!

Oh yes, saw that blue bottle in the picture? That’s the sake, and its warm! Of all sake(s) that I tried before, this is one of the best. It’s very smooth and easy for the throat. And it doesn’t taste really that strong. Well, you can have it cold or warm, but both of us prefer it warm, or at least I do. Initially didn’t really want to drink but somehow got persuaded. And I’m glad he managed to persuade me.

Watami, a Japanese restaurant, to me, isn’t really a place for dinner. Why? Because if you look at the menu, there seems to be more snacks and drinks than actual meals. The portion isn’t really that big and it’s definitely more expensive than some of the normal Japanese restaurant. But if you prefer those slightly more authentic kind of Japanese food, then I guess this should be the place to go.

Mood even better? DEFINITELY! + I’ve got an SMS that really boost my energy level!

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