Shopping – Siloso Beach Resort @ Sentosa

Tonight is the night to PARTY!! Will be going for a party – the WHITE PARTY at 10pm later, at Sentosa Siloso Beach. I didn’t know it’s a gay party for girls (only) until I reached Sentosa but oh well, does it really matter?

Anyway, we booked a room at Siloso Beach Resort, somewhere just behind Siloso Beach. The environment was nice and serene, with a man-made waterfall that goes into part of the swimming pool. Yes, that’s the one in the picture. It’s definitely a really long stretch of pool so remember to bring your swim wear if you were to come here!

There’s about 7 storeys, out of which, 3 are above the lobby, and another 3 is like below. The ground level is the same level as the beach, and so is the restaurant where you get to have your breakfast.

As for the room, well, it’s not really that big and not exactly that nice/beautiful¬†either, though its almost a full length glass window, with a bay-window seat. It’s clean though and there’s a small bathtub + a shower area too. And of course, there’s a LCD TV, and a couch. This is for a room with 2 single beds. Yes, it’s single beds, not even super single beds.

And then the weird thing is, there’s NO tissues in the room! We ended up using toilet paper for everything. Well, this room, cost about S$300+. Worth to go? I can only say, if you really need to stay overnight at Sentosa, I think this is one of the cheapest (other than the chalet), otherwise, I think you can give it a miss.

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