Thoughts – The Neglected Child

I woke up this morning, went to wash up and was still in the bathroom when I heard one of my auntie popping over, and talking to my mum. I heard of a conversation that was rather disturbing – about my niece. She’s 7 years old this year, and her mum just gave birth to her younger brother a few months ago. Yes, it was a happy event. We were all really happy but somehow, there’s a person who felt neglected, and that is none other than my niece.

Ever since young, she always had everybody’s attention, especially her parents. They devoted all their time to her, gave her almost everything that she wanted. She’s all they had. But ever since the birth of the little one, they hadn’t got the time to do that. When she asked them to accompany her, they’ll just tell her to play on her own, or go and read some books, or watch the television. And prolong of this results in her feeling not loved.

She’s only 7 but yet she doesn’t think and behave like a child. Or was it because of the undivided attention previously? She drew a picture of a girl with short hair and crying. And then beside was a baby. Asked her what it means and she said something like… she felt like a monster, that no one loves, while everyone just love the baby.

Not every child will behave like that but if your child does feel that, please take note of her feelings. One might be too busy to overlook the small little things but if someone were to point it out to you, do something.

An adult, sometimes, is the same as a child, who just wants to feel that he/she is being loved. And this can be easily fulfilled by just giving some attention – a hug, a kiss, an SMS, a dinner, a movie night out etc. Don’t neglect your the other half, especially if you still love him/her

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