Thoughts – Till the Day I Love Again

Are you emotionally hurt? Is there something so drastic that happened in your life until you felt that you can’t ever love again? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. At least, I’m here to accompany you. Maybe it doesn’t really mean much but sometimes it may be nice to know that you are not alone.

Everyone kept telling me that “Time will heal”, does it, really? I believe it, to a certain degree. I think it greatly depends on the amount of “damage” done. The lesser the “damage”, of course, the shorter the time required and easier to heal. But is there a threshold, such that once exceeded, not even time can heal?

I am, really afraid that I exceeded this threshold, if it ever exist. For once, I never felt what I’m feeling now, feeling for the past few months. And to be honest, that feeling never lessen, in fact, it felt even greater than before. The feeling of not wanting to love, afraid to love. So how?

The question that I kept asking myself is, do I want to marry someone whom I like, but not love, just for the sake of companionship? Or is it better just to stay single?

At this moment, I really can’t answer to any of these questions. So I guess for now, keeping myself totally occupied with tons of work is the best I can do to keep me from thinking too much, till the day I can love again.

So if you feel the same way as I do, maybe you can try asking yourself these questions too.

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