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Guess what? I never like politics, not even the least bit interested in. If you asked me to name some of our ministers, most likely I can’t answer you on that. But then, it’s the time for voting! Even if I’m totally not interested in it, I’ve got quite a few friends who kept telling me or either that, it’s on the news feed of Facebook. So how can I even missed anything? It’s EVERYWHERE!

So now, since I can’t really do much while on my way home, I guess there’s no harm blogging about it. Alright, so here goes my view as a rather devoted Singaporean who knew nuts about politics. Firstly, I love my country and I seriously love him/her until recently, I’m starting to have doubts if I’m able to stay and survive here. Not that I’m not capable but it just doesn’t seem like the environment that I want to stay for the rest of my life. The pace is fast and I’m fine and had already gotten used to that, but it sure is getting so over-populated! And not by Singaporeans! I’m sorry, not that I don’t welcome them but there simply are too many of them in this small sunny island. And a talk with some of my younger friends told me that they don’t, sadly, feel a sense of belonging to this beloved country of mine at all.

And then what’s with the little girl that’s joining too? Personally, I feel that there should be a reasonable standard for selecting someone of such a young age as a member. Okay, fine, I’m doubting her capabilities and I don’t think I will want to give my vote to someone, whom, to me, is still learning. If you want someone to learn and take over, learn it somewhere else! Set up an organisation for potential candidates in future? Like all or most competitions, there should be a minimum age. At least if she’s 30, probably my reaction wouldn’t be that great.

Oh yes, another thing. I definitely don’t like the way you-know-who put things across at times. Honestly, I felt threatened instead of feeling the privileges if I were to ever vote for you-know-who. I mean, yes, I do agreed and am thankful for what they had done for the past years but things had changed! The younger generations ain’t like our parents who had been through and grew with the country. They want ACTUAL real voting where they can voice out and make their points across!

It used to be that you-know-who has all the better candidates, but is that the case now? Though I don’t know each and everyone of them but it seems like the opposition are somewhat getting better. Hmm… No, voting is secretive and I’m not going to tell you who I’m voting for! And I’m home!

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