Movie – The Hole

Looking at the tons of emails and the things that I need to do and think, I couldn’t help but remembered a movie that I watched somewhere last week while at home. Couldn’t even recalled when did I watch it, it must be bad, I think I’m working on something while watching it at the same time, and thus, the total non-recollection of it.

Anyway, the movie was “The Hole”, shown in 2009, and it’s a horror movie. So what has it got to do with my work? Probably nothing, it’s just that if I know that this hole existed in my house (without the scary stuff), I probably would have jumped right into it now so that I can just get away from all the things that I’m doing and thinking.

Well, let’s take a break and talk about this movie. It’s a movie starring 3 teenagers, 2 of them (2 brothers) who just moved into their new house, while the other (a girl) is their neighbour. One day, while the mum was out at work, the brothers were fighting at the basement and they somehow found a locked door on the floor. At that point, the girl came by too. They managed to find the keys and opened it up. But to their horror and amazement, the hole seems to be endless, as in, there’s no end to it.

But then, weird things started to happen after that. The girl saw a ghost (which turns out to be her friend who died a long time ago). The younger boy almost drowned etc. And then they went to look for an old guy who used to stay in that apartment. He was thought to be crazy and when they told him about the opening of the locked door, he started saying things like “We are all going to die”. Seriously, I totally have no idea what is happening until towards the end, where it’s actually their own fears that came after them.

Nice movie? Not really. There’s a lot of stupid things that the kids did which I kept asking why. For example, if you see a door locked by 6 locks, would you open it up? And even if you really open it up, and found that it’s endless, would you not found it weird and lock it back, or tell your parents? Hmm… well, I’m not the adventurous kind so probably that’s why. But some of the things are quite scary though (in my context).

My fears? Used to be all the caterpillar(s) family but now, I think it’s either still that or all the nagging(s) (it just sounded like that to me) that I’m receiving it and the decisions I need to make etc. almost every weekday. Just try imagining it, a group of people surrounding you and they just continue to talk and talk at the same time, and suddenly you feel yourself getting smaller and smaller, and until you feel like your head is going to explode. Yes, that’s how I’m feeling right now. TGIF.

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