Thoughts – Limited Brain Cells

Our brain, though just situated in our head, is a very mysterious object. I wonder how much have people learned about the BRAINS till this day. Hmm…

Today is a Friday and as I was looking through one of the many emails, suddenly I just couldn’t think anymore and the headache started to come. I wonder then… is that an alarm, from my brain? Have I used up my brain cells?

Then I started to have this rather crazy thought of – is there a limited brain cells in our brain? And everytime if you think, you will use up your brain cell (or brain power)? If that is to be true, then how nice would it be, if people can actually measure the number of brain cells in your head. And then subsequently, track the number of brain cells left after you think, and probably notify you when you are reaching a “warning” level. That’s where you try to stop whatever that you are doing, get some rest and slowly let the brain cells regenerate, before you continue again. Wouldn’t like that, prevent a person from having headaches, if headache is the caused of exceeding the “warning” level.

So what causes the headache? Maybe because of the low level of brain cells, your brain (as a machine), wanted to regenerate the brain cells at a faster rate, and thus pumped more blood into it and increased the speed and TADA! HEADACHE!

I think I’m going nuts. But yes, I still think I have limited brain cells. Every night when I go to sleep, I know it’s being regenerated. But there probably is a different maximum capacity for each and everyone, which is the maximum number of brain cells you can have per day. And today, my usage of my brain cells is definitely a lot faster than the speed of regeneration and thus, the feeling of emptiness in my brain.

I crossed the “warning” level but now it’s going back to normal. What happened if I crossed the “danger” level? Is that how people died from over-working? Because they kept thinking and thinking? Oh my God, I think I better stop thinking about this funny theory of mine. Let’s just try and relax for a while.

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