Food – Yan Palace Restaurant @ Chinatown

Just had my dinner at this rather old-looking Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, somewhere between Chinatown point and China Square. To be specific, it’s located at Hong Lim Complex level one, just beside the multi-storey carpark. The moment I walked in, I can imagine it once being a glamourous popular restaurant filled with tons of people. But now, either the food isn’t as nice, or it’s been taken over by all those bigger chained restaurants located at convenient places around the neighbourhood, as the place was hardly half-filled. I supposed, since the aunties/uncles chose to eat at this place, there must be a reason right?

I took a seat and waited as the food was being served. We took the 8 course dinner, and nope, I had totally no idea what will be on the menu. The first dish came and I was immediately a bit shock. It was supposed to be an appetizer but it’s almost all meat – chicken, roast pork, char siew, duck and jelly fish. But well, I was really hungry then and thus I continued happily. Then the second one is the soup, which was by far, the best dish that I like for the whole night. It’s chicken soup with shark fins and abalone. Not too thick and it’s really clear and refreshing.

I’m not going to describe all the 8 dishes so I’ll just be touching on a few weird ones. One of them is the fried yam which has banana in it! I think the chef was trying to be innovative and thus the banana, but firstly that combination is a little weird and secondly, probably the type of banana used was wrong because it tasted so dry. Then there’s also the dessert – bubur hitam, which seems to have more sago than red bean itself.

Overall, I don’t find the food really that nice, sad to say. I mean, it’s definitely edible and the quantity wasn’t too bad. But probably because I just had another 8 course dinner the night before at Furama Riverfront Hotel (a friend’s food tasting table for his wedding dinner that was over a month plus ago), and thus the pale comparison.

Service wise, I can only say they are really ‘quick’ in keeping the plates, and funnily, they kept taking away a plate from one auntie but never bringing her a new one.

Alright, it really wasn’t too bad because I did walk out feeling extremely full and rather satisfied. It’s just that for the amount paid, I probably would have paid a little more to go to some other more well known restaurants. But then again, there’s no harm trying new food places right?

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