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I finally managed to bake after 5-6 years of ‘resigning’ from it because of some events, and today, I felt great to bake again. In fact, I was really excited! I woke up early and happily went to buy the ingredients for it after having breakfast with my girlfriend. And then back at home, I started preparing. Sifted the flour and measured all the ingredients needed, and then I started to mix.

It’s nice, and our first batch of Vanilla Cupcakes smelled and tasted really nice too! But then, while we waited somewhere in front of the oven for the second batch, SUDDENLY!

There’s a loud “BOOM” sound and then we turned over and *GASPED*, and saw the glass of the oven shattered!

Seriously, at that point, my mind was totally blank. I only remembered to turn off the power and then I just stared. But I really am glad that the pieces of glasses never ‘sprayed’ out, otherwise my girlfriend and I would probably be disfigured! Moral of the story? Don’t sit too near to oven when it’s working and buy a more reliable brand.

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