Blog #0050

I just got persuaded by my cousin to attend one rally with her, for my GRC. Initially I didn’t want to but then after some thoughts, I decided, WHY NOT? Since I haven’t seen or heard anything from my opposition for my GRC. Terrible. That’s all I can say about them. The way they made their speech. Terrible. It makes it so difficult and yet so easy to vote at the same time, after listening to the way they all talked. Difficult because they are really a bit CMI (Cannot Make It). Easy because I definitely want to get myself out of this GRC for the next election.

For the past 20+ years of my life that I’d stayed at where I am staying now, never for once have my GRC not been changed. I don’t feel a sense of belonging. I felt like an unwanted child. But why, am I (or that area), been ‘chopped’ off like that again and again? I never shifted and Singapore isn’t growing any bigger, so why does my GRC change? I need some logical and reasonable reasons to that. And if the truth is really to ‘chop’ my area out to balance with areas of higher percentage of people voting for you-know-who, then my question is, how then, will this, convince the people to vote for you? Aren’t you just aggravating the anger that people have for you?

I used to be, or at least the last time that I voted, rather unbiased towards either side. But today, I might not be, after all the things that were done. Terrible.

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