Food – Mun Ting Xiang Cha Xuan @ Hougang Green

It’s been at this same place for a really long time, at least for like 15 years. Other shops had closed, and new shops had taken over the place and probably closed too, but not for this. And it’s always rather packed during meal times. Why? Because firstly, the food is not too bad. Secondly, you can’t really find these kind of bubble tea + Taiwanese restaurant much around nowadays. Lastly, it’s not really too expensive!

For a period of time, a rather long time ago. There seems to be a sudden craze for this kind of shop – Cha Xuan – food and bubble tea. And everywhere you go, you will get to see one, e.g. at Ang Mo Kio Jubilee, where I used to hang out.

This place, is located at a neighbourhood area – Hougang Green, which is very near to IMH (Institute of Mental Health). It’s located just behind the bus stop with a few buses (e.g. Bus no. 325 and 101), so it won’t be too difficult to find.

Well, this place serves Chinese food, but there’s snacks too. And of course, this wasn’t my first time dining at this place but it’s been quite a while since I ate here. Today, I came with my girlfriend for a late lunch after clearing up the mess that was created earlier on in the day. This was the second time that she came here to eat and I think she loves this place. Anyway, we ordered only 2 dishes today, since there was only 2 choices of soup which we didn’t really wanted – seafood tom yum and beancurd soup. The food is definitely nice. Not just these 2 that we ate. And there’s a wide varieties of bubble teas available.

It’s a good place for dining, especially if you stay around the area. And it’s definitely a nice place to sit down and chit chat with your friends. There’s parking available at the nearby multi-storey carparks, so it wouldn’t be that bad. As for buses, if you don’t mind walking a little bit more (like 5 minutes), there’s actually another bus stop along IMH, which has bus no. like 161, 159 and 156.

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