Food – Boomarang Bistro & Bar @ Robertson Quay

I was brought to this dining place, suggested by my sister today. It’s called Boomarang Bistro & Bar located at the end (or start) of Robertson Quay (60 Robertson Quay #01-15 The Quayside Singapore 238252), opposite a petrol kiosk that is beside the Miramar Hotel. It is an Australian restaurant, serving western food and snacks, and of course, liquors too (especially on wine).

We were looking at the menu and thinking what to order when one of them just jokingly said, “Let’s ordered the Peppered Kangaroo Pizza”. I laughed and thought that it’s quite a nice way to name your food when another cousin of mine agreed with the idea and said, “It’s really kangaroo meat!”.

I was actually stunned. To eat a kangaroo? But it’s so cute! In the end, after some persuasion and debating about whether to order that or not, we did. According to my cousin, the meat is supposed to be really healthy and full of iron. And that they “rear” kangaroos for their meat in Australia. Hmm… sometimes I wonder, why does human like to try and eat all kinds of animals?

Anyway, the food finally came and I, a bit, reluctantly, ate the piece of kangaroo meat that’s in the middle of the piece of pizza that’s on my place. And amazingly, I would say, it tasted really nice. It tasted like beef, but without the milky smell. And after I ate that, I actually suddenly felt like eating beef (without the blood, of course). Of course we ordered some other food like the sausage platter, hot wings, sauteed mushrooms and mashed potato. Generally, it all tasted quite nice.

Price? Well, the total came up to about S$170 for 6 person, so I guess it wasn’t as bad considering the fact that we had 2 glasses of beer and a glass of red wine too. It definitely has a very nice ambience, especially at night, if you want to sit down and chill out.

Good place to go.

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