Movie – A Chinese Ghost Story

I was feeling rather bored as I was doing my work at home on a public holiday, and so I decided to watch a movie after a friend brought it up that he will be watching it – the new “A Chinese Ghost Story”.

I guess, a lot of people, especially those of my generation (the 1970s & 1980s), should have watched the older version before – the one starring Leslie Cheung (sadly, committed suicide on one April Fool’s Day) and Wang Zhu Xian. It’s a horror + romance + comedy movie, about the love between a ghost and a human, and then there’s the guy (Wu Ma), who is a powerful Taoist that battled with the tree demon.

This new version, for the storyline, it’s almost similar and the cast is, of course, and definitely different. The priest is starred by Louis Koo, the fox spirit is starred by Liu Yifei and the scholar is a Chinese guy called Yu Shaoqun.

There are a few main things that are different between this movie and that of the old one. The first is definitely the relationship between the priest and the spirit. In the beginning of the movie, you’ll get to see a young Louis Koo, who fell in love with the female spirit. But because he is rather soft-hearted, in the end, he indirectly caused the death of a few other fellow priests while fighting with the tree demon. Feeling guilty and knowing that human and spirit cannot be together, he cast a spell on the female spirit to let her forget about him so that she won’t suffer.

The second difference is the female spirit. Instead of a female ghost, it’s body is actually of a small cute little animated fox. Then lastly, Louis Koo died. And it definitely feels more of a love story between the priest and the female spirit, than actually with the scholar, which is something fresh and interesting because you would never expect that they actually once had a relationship!

So how nice is the movie? Well, it’s not too bad but not that interesting for me to want to go to a cinema and watch it, especially if it’s on a weekend. And for the fact that, it’s actually a re-make of a movie that I had watched a lot of times, and kind of like it.

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