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It’s nice! I just finished watching “Thor” at Bishan Junction 8. And again, it’s nice! And there’s Natalie Portman too! Anyway, it’s another marvel hero’s character, or if you have no idea who he is, just treat him as one of the Greek God. For me, I had totally no idea of this character and so it’s like a totally new movie and story!

Well, as I was saying, the main character, Thor, is starred by Chris Hemsworth. Anthony Hopkins as the father, Odin. Tom Hiddleston as his younger brother, Loki. And Natalie Portman as a normal human being, Jane, whom Thor loves.

At the beginning of this movie, it shows Jane & 2 of her friends, chasing after some weird phenomena of the stars but in the end, to only find and accidentally knock a person (Thor) down while trying to avoid some kind of a storm. And then the screen changed and showed the story behind how Thor was being banished down to Earth.

Initially, it showed Odin helping the humans to fight against the Frost Giants and taking away their power source. And then it shows Odin talking to his 2 sons – Thor & Loki, where both wanted to become King. Thor, the elder child, was hot tempered while the other, is the quieter one. When they grew up and on the day where Thor was supposed to be crowned the King, somehow, a few Frost Giants managed to enter into their world and tried to steal back their source. The hot tempered Thor then wanted to take revenge and show to the Frost Giants that they are mightier. And with his groups of friends and brother, they went to the Frost Giants’s planet and a fight started. They almost got killed when Odin came and saved them all back, but a war seems to begin. Because of this, Odin banished Thor to Earth, and that’s how Jane knocked into him. That’s also where the relationship between Jane and Thor begins.

Don’t expect too many romance or actions in this movie but the effects are rather good. And the more you look at Chris Hemsworth, the more I find him look a bit like Brad Pitt (from certain angle). He, definitely has a really nice body too! But sadly is, they (Jane and Thor) didn’t end up together.

Oh yes, watch out for the scenes after the credits!

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