Thoughts – The Truth

Someone once told me, if you can’t take the truth, then don’t ask. But yet most people always have that curiousity in them, and thus, even if they know that the truth will hurt, even if somewhat they already knew the answer, they still will go ahead and ask, and have that confirmation, and then tried to pray (after that) that they will hopefully and finally see “the light”.

I thought for quite a while before I decided to ask that question. Somehow, I knew the answer and as I said, I just want to confirm it. But I realised, no matter how much you tried to prepare yourself or assume that you can take the answer, I supposed, there will always be an impact.

I heard the answer. It shouldn’t be that surprising but yet it still was. For a moment, the words just froze in the air and then slowly, it got digested by the brain. That’s where it hit most badly. I told myself not to cry, because I’d cried enough and way too much, but yet I still did. And then after that, all that’s left is the excruciating pain that one felt in the heart, and that doesn’t seem to go away. No, it’s not a heart attack and you will not die from it. You only live with it.

So why do you still want to ask? Is there a point in knowing the truth if you already knew the answer? Will you really see “the light” after knowing?

Maybe sometimes, a lot of things are better left unsaid… just maybe…

*Listening to the song – Zhen1 Shi2 by Zhang Hui Mei*

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