Blog #0056

You came to me out of the blue, and brought me so much joy
My whole world brightens up because of you
I wasn’t prepared for all these, and neither were you
Though we knew forever cannot be true, I still love you, and you love me too

I’d never known anyone like you, so beautiful and real
Life is never the same when you are near
You ain’t the best, but you will always be to me
Though you cannot always be there, your voice and invisible presence is enough for me

I wished so much that I had known you first
I wished so much that everything will be different
But I guess it’s just too bad
That God played such a pernicious prank

Now that you are gone, I wonder how my life will be
Happiness seems so far away and I no longer know what love is
You took away the joy and a big part of me
All that is left, are the pain and the tears that swells in the soulless shell

I made a choice after that, probably one on impulse
I know I shouldn’t but there is no turning back
I hope I won’t regret but life has lost its meaning
So I shall let it be, and live through it

Too many memories, that I had of you
Too painful to keep, yet too painful to throw
But I guess it’s just too bad
That God wanted such a doleful end

Sing. Dance. Drink. Fun. Beach. Nuggets. Sick. Party. Apart. Loft. Surprise. Pain. Lost. Love. Cold. Food. Balcony. Car. Phone. Job. Travel. Truth. End.

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