Food – K Buffet @ Marina Square

I’m not really in a good state to write. But why am I still writing? Because this seems to be the only place where it gives me some reasons for my existence…

I went to work today, even though I’m not in the state too either. But I had to, I need to be responsible for my work. Gone well? Not really. Bearable? I’m trying to make it bearable. I shot a rather sarcastic email to my client because she shot one at me early in the morning, for something which I think is so minor. I threw myself with work but then everytime I stopped, my eyes just unknowingly became watery. Damn. I hate that.

I didn’t want to go straight home after work, so I called my girlfriend out. I needed a place to vent out I-have-no-idea-what. I just don’t want to be alone. She asked me where I want to go. I decided for KTV. I needed a place for me to shout without getting too much attention. K Buffet. I needed food, lots of it. Marina Square. Because it’s rather new. Cost? S$25++ but I don’t really care.

We reached around 7.15pm and then we started. 4 hours of food and singing, or probably shouting. Good place. Almost totally sound-proof-ed. Service was good. The system was good. They’ve got the new touch screen menu. But then, I somewhat missed the remote control. If only they had that too.

So did I achieve what I had wanted? Not really. Food doesn’t seem to make me any happier though the varieties are rather good. The shouting doesn’t either. All I could sang, are all the sad love songs, which I realised they really got quite a wide selection of it. Did I cry? No, I manage to put it under control until my girlfriend hugged me. I warned her not to but she still did. Can I write in a happier tone? I doubt so for quite a while. The negative emotions are too great to be contained. So what now? Je ne sais pas.

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