Food – TCC @ Wisma Atria

Never had we been so silence before as we both sat at a corner, in deep thoughts, in the TCC (The Connoisseur Concerto) of Wisma Atria, located at level 2. We flipped through the menu for quite a while and in the end, to order only 2 cups of hot chocolate. Appetites were still bad though the photos of the food in the menu look amazingly delicious.

As much as we hardly talked, it’s a whole load of different story for the couple that’s sitting beside us, for the whole TCC seemed to be filled with only their voices and laughter. No, it wasn’t my motive to take a photo of them. I had purely just wanted to take a glimpse of the whole environment because the decorations look rather nice but it’s just too bad from the place that I sat, I couldn’t get them out from my iPhone camera view.

The hot chocolate came and it was beautifully presented. Reminded me of a Korean drama that I watched several years back. Happy ending, fictional, only happens in stories. That’s how novels came about because it won’t happen in reality.

Acceptance had been acknowledged but the road to recovery still seems long and endless, for all energy seems to have dissipated. My heart seems missing and my mind is in wrecks.

Ima, watashi wa ushinawa rete imasu.

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