Shopping – Art Friend @ Takashimaya

Just finished attended the first day of my course. How was it? Not really that good. Tried to gather whatever energy that’s left in me to concentrate in the class but failed rather badly. Was a little too tired. Alas. Same goes for my online course which I registered but have not done anything yet. I have totally no idea how to get through all these. Blame it all on the bad timing. But the sound of drums next door had been rather nice. I really mean nice. *entertaining with the idea of getting a drum set* Hmm… I think my mum will kill me.

Yesterday I went shopping at Art Friend in Takashimaya, to grab some of the tools that I’ll be needing. Realised it’s been quite a long while since I really actually went shopping. Need to practise frugality and thus the action. But then again, probably there’s nothing much that I actually wanted to buy though I just got a bottle of Bvlgari perfume. My favourite.

Seriously, I think I’m getting more and more absent minded. I couldn’t even remember if I’m a member of Art Friend. Luckily, their membership uses IC instead of another card of their own. Art Friend, is by far, one of the best place in Singapore where you can grab the tools for Arts & Crafts. A little expensive though. Probably in future I’ll try and find sources where it’s a lot cheaper. But for now, guess it’s just this and I’ll need to go this weekend again.

So what course did I attend? Hmm… Someone once told me not to take and what’s the point of taking after I told him what course it is. I wonder how is he now…

I missed the hand that held this.

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