Movie – Priest

Either something went loose in my head for me to agree and want to watch this movie, or I totally wasn’t expecting it to be a rather scary one. Yes, I scanned through the plot, and yes, I know there’ll be vampires, but probably those vampires that I’d seen in recent movies doesn’t seem as scary, e.g. Twilight series, Underworld series etc. I think my expectations of this movie is somewhat just a genre of an action cum thriller but I was wrong. I got a fright the moment it started with lots of ugly, slimy, eye-less vampires which look more like mutated monsters, jumping out suddenly from no where and trying to bite those priests.

That’s it. The start of my 88 minutes of hands-covering the eyes and the neck tilted to a side.

This movie, is about the war between humans and the vampires, that had occurred for centuries. And everytime, both ended in great losses until one day, the Church, selected a group of children/people and trained them to become priests, where they possessed excellent fighting skills. The movie started with the ending of the last vampire war, where one of the priests was dragged down by the vampires and the main character, the strongest of all, the Priest (starring Paul Bettany), couldn’t hold on to him. From then on, the group of priests was disbanded by the Church as they fear that they are getting too powerful. And they were ordered to live like and among the normal humans in a city ran by the Church, never to fight with the vampires or even mentioned it again.

It was until one day, an attack occurred outside the Church on a family of 3. And these are actually the family of the Priest. Soon, a sheriff came to look for the Priest and told him that his niece was kidnapped by the vampires. Thats where the Priest went against the Church and searched for his niece, and that’s where all the actions (and scary) scenes started.

Well, to be frank, it’s quite a nice movie. But there are 2 things that I was really puzzled while I was watching. Firstly, the sheriff came and told him that his “sister” was kidnapped rather than his niece. Made me so confused because the “sister”‘s father is the Priest’s brother. And another thing is, while searching for his niece, there’s a point where the sheriff said to another priest (starring Maggie Q) that the Priest will really kill his own flesh and blood (which gives you the idea that the sheriff knew that the niece is in fact, her daughter), but moments later, when Maggie Q told him the truth that she is his daughter and not niece, the sheriff had a really shocking face there. Hmm… maybe, I was just thinking, the initial storyline wasn’t like that and they’d forgotten to retake that few scenes.

But still, it’s alright to watch this movie even though it’s only 88 minutes.

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