Shopping – Textile @ Ah Cheong Textile

Hidden at some small corner along Queen Street, I almost couldn’t find this shop that is so unattractive in its appearance. The lights were dim. The shop front was almost covered by the shades that were put down to block the sun. Inside the shop, it seems really messy and dusty, and is totally filled with racks and racks of textile rolls. And then near the entrance and along the walkway, there’s just stacks of textile on tables, and that’s already cut into smaller pieces (less than 3m). The only auntie that was managing this shop looks terribly untidy with a really bad hair day. Okay, I know I shouldn’t comment on the auntie but…

I came to this shop on recommendation from my cousin after knowing that I’m interested to design and do up my own clothing. Yes, I’m rather sick and tired of buying from retail stores so I’m thinking of doing something different. Will I succeed? Well, that’s another totally different story.

Anyway, so why am I writing about this? Because it’s really cheap! As much as the appearance isn’t really that glamourous, the price of most textiles are actually quite cheap. Of course, it also depends on the material of each textile. But guess how much I got for this one? S$6.00 for 2m, and I got extra of 0.5m when the auntie measured but never charged me for that.

But, it’s not like most textile shops where you really have a wide selection of textile. Most of those cheaper ones are probably not really that nice. You probably have to spend quite a while there trying to “dig” out whatever that you can find. Well, just take it as a treasure hunt! You never know what you can find among those stacks of textiles.

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