Food – (Hakka) Ampang Yong Tou Fou @ Upper Thomson Road

Famished and tired after waking up early, with no breakfast, in the morning to play tennis with my sister and friends for one hour, which probably seems more of a running-around-and-picking-up-balls session. Nonetheless, its fun and most importantly, it keeps my mind off something for at least a few hours. But with the sun totally up and scorching at 9am, I definitely had a hard time trying to find shades among the pathetic shadows cast by the fence. And the layers of sunblock that I had put on doesn’t seem to help much for I thought I looked darker after that. Maybe I will consider one of the products from SK-II.

Anyway, my sister brought us to this Yong Tou Fou place along Upper Thomson Road. Seriously, if you were to ask me, I’m never a fan of Yong Tou Fou for 2 reasons – I don’t like the sweet sauce and during the period (almost 8 years ago) where I went on diet for 2 years, I had Yong Tou Fou at least 3-4 times a week! So initially when my sister brought this up, I was like “Do we have any other choices?”. But well, I guess for quite a while, if I were to have dinner at home or with my sister, it will probably be something healthier because she was diagnosed with high cholesterol. It runs in the family, or to be specific, it’s just me and her. Our cholesterol levels are slightly higher. Doctor said it’s in-born. The only way to bring it down is to exercise (urgh).

So, here we go and upon reaching, it was rather confusing as there’s actually 2 different shops selling Yong Tou Fou. We went to the one with more people, which my sister mentioned that the other was new since the last time she came, it wasn’t there yet. Take note, it’s unit 928 Upper Thomson Road, and it’s the one at the corner. There’s also shops selling chicken and duck too, which looks quite delicious as well.

The food came and does it look like Yong Tou Fou to you? No, it definitely doesn’t look like one to me, at least not the normal kind. The ingredients probably is the same, but its topped with sauce that is like those of Hor Fun. And we don’t get to choose the ingredients. Basically the person came, asked us for how many people and then off he went to take the food, which comes with rice. But it tastes not too bad, seriously. No meat though, and I guess that’s why the duck and chicken are there.

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