Food – Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat @ Kovan

The coffeeshop had just been renovated. The last time I came, I was a bit too late, and it was damn crowded so I gave it a miss. Today, I wanted to have fishhead soup again, the one at Blk 203 Hougang Street 21. The nearest MRT is at Kovan. So I happily went there really early for dinner, like reaching there at 5.20pm. But I got a big shock when I reached there. Other than the different varieties of stall that’s available now, the usual fishhead stall that I had eaten for years is GONE! A check with an auntie working there confirmed that it was taken over by the Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat. Well, since we are already there, we decided to just give it a try.

There wasn’t a lot of crowd but still the auntie showed us to a seat outside in the open. We did wonder why but nonetheless, we never bothered to change seats though the sun is a little bit sunny still. Shortly after we sat down, the auntie took our orders and off she went. We waited for at least 20 minutes before the first dish came. And then 5 minutes later, before the fishhead steamboat came.

Will I come again? I doubt so.

While I was eating, I actually listed out all those things I’m not really satisfied with, especially if I compared to the one I actually came for. There were at least 5 main reasons for me not wanting to come again.

(1) I have no idea why it takes them such a long time to serve their first dish. There’s HARDLY any crowd and if it takes them 20 minutes to serve the first dish, I wonder what will happen when it’s crowded.
(2) The 2 sauces that I loved – one grinded chilli paste, and the other garlic with vinegar weren’t available anymore. Wrong, the latter is still available but the taste is TOTALLY OFF! The vinegar used was so damn bloody sour till I almost puke with my first dip! (I didn’t know it’s so sour and thus I put the whole piece of vegetable in)
(3) The quantity for the fishhead steamboat isn’t that much, especially the fish. There’s only a few pathetic pieces of fish, which seems more of like normal fish soup.
(4) There’s bone in the fish!! Alright, it’s quite normal to have bones but the previous one, they will remove also all of them! But this…! I need to slowly pick it out one by one.
(5) The auntie promised me small chopped chilli but till when I finished it, I didn’t have it.

Sigh. But I can only say, I’m only glad that I finished eating before it started to drizzle. I think I will feel even more pissed if that were to happen. Well, not to say that it’s totally bad. The food tasted quite nice actually but there’s a lot of other food available at that coffeeshop too, so… this probably won’t be the reason why I will appear at that coffeeshop anymore.

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