Shopping – Hair Cut @ Kovan Kimage

Sometimes when you ain’t really that happy for some reasons, it could be good if you just do something different or even better, change something. So what can you do? Some suggestions include changing your wardrobe, learning a new hobby or skill, or maybe the easiest – “chopping” off and changing your hairstyle! Isn’t that fun?

I’m not sure about other people but the last one had always been one of my top choices since young. Somehow, it gives me a feeling of cutting away any problems, sadness, worries or things that made me unhappy, and then to have a sense of a FRESH START!

So here I go! Am currently sitting and waiting at a corner for the senior stylist at Kimage, the branch at Kovan. I’d tried a lot of hair salons, and had terrible hair cut after that. And after learning it the hard way with months of bad hair day, I told myself never to try any other places anymore. Thus, ever since then, I stick to Kimage, the one at Kovan because firstly, its the nearest to my house and secondly, I kind of like the way one of the hairstylist cut my hair, and he is the one I’m waiting for now. His name? Roy Chen. He’s quite good. Join their membership if you frequent hair salons.

Anyway, this is probably the first step to make me feel happy. The next thing I’ll do is probably dress up a little (if I’m not too lazy in the morning), experiment the combinations with the tons of clothes that’s in my wardrobe, or best of all, make accessories on my own!

Confidence, I think that’s what I’m trying to achieve by doing all these. When you look better (I mean BETTER, not literally become pretty), unknowingly, you’ll feel better and thus more confident with yourself. And in turn you’ll feel happier.

Ok, guess I need to stop already. It’s my turn! *snip! snip!*

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